Dr. Miguel Hidalgo-Barnes, Psy.D.  East Bay Licensed Clinical Psychologist PSY 24974

Dr. Miguel Hidalgo-Barnes, Psy.D.

East Bay Licensed Clinical Psychologist PSY 24974

Through therapy, accepting accountability and deepening self-awareness, men can become more available in their relationships and begin to access their core emotions
— Miguel Hidalgo-Barnes, Psy.D.

Dr. Hidalgo-Barnes is a licensed clinical psychologist, practicing in North Berkeley and Oakland.  He specializes in men's issues and helps men to have better relationships.  He also works with couples and individuals. 

Miguel Hidalgo-Barnes received his Psy.D. from the Pacific University School of Professional Psychology in 2010.  Dr. Hidalgo-Barnes is a board certified Clinical Psychologist and lifetime resident of the Bay Area.  Dr. Hidalgo-Barnes is the Clinic Manager of the La Cheim Partial Hospital program, a clinical supervisor at the Pacific Center for Human Growth.

He has three psychological assistants working for him in his private practice and also supervises pre-doctoral and masters level interns at La Cheim. 

Dr. Hidalgo-Barnes has worked extensively with both mild and severe mental illness and believes all people are treatable and all people are capable of change.  He specializes in issues relating to domestic violence, relationships (including poly and non-traditional relationships), issues effecting members of the GLBT community, and people coping with mental health symptoms in the workplace, chronic mental illness, substance abuse (and other addictive behaviors) and personality disorders. 

Dr. Hidalgo-Barnes has been trained in Rational Emotive Behavioral T, CBT, DBT, Gestalt Therapy and Brief Solution Focused Therapy.

Dr. Hidalgo-Barnes’ research interests include gender, the role of technology in mental health treatment, and community based treatment. 

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