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Sunny Sabbini, MFT

East Bay Couples & Sex Therapist, Marriage Counselor & Individual Psychotherapist, Interpersonal Dynamics Coach for Stanford University MBA Program


I have dedicated the last 25 years to helping individuals, partnerships, and organizations to reach their full potential. I have experience and training providing coaching, therapy, mediation to individuals and couples, and systems facilitation to teams and organizations.  I also facilitate and coach MBA students in Interpersonal Dynamics at Stanford.  I bring these various threads together to provide business partnership coaching to best friends and life partners who are co-founders or business partners.

I love helping partners resolve and transcend conflicts, create shared visions, and build more love, trust and respect in their relationships, and make an impact on the world via their relationship and business enterprise.  I help them transform conflict into connection, create powerful alignment between values and actions, and generate more momentum to achieve their goals. I’ve helped many partners create an inspiring personal and professional partnership. I fascinated and awe-inspired by how we can transform ourselves, our relationships, and the world around us; and I think we need to do both throughout our lives.

I am licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist, MFC 49634. I have Couples Therapy Specific Training with the Couples Institute, Couples Therapy Specialty Training (CIP), and Tavistock Group Relations Conference (GREX). My clinical experience includes (designing and) running the Family Program at Bayside Marin, an addiction treatment program. I’ve created in clinical training intern program and trained other therapists.

My organizational experience began in 1999.  I worked for five years at an organization development consulting firm (Community at Work) and then continued working in the field as an external consultant.  I am trained as a Mediator through the Northern California Mediation Center, an Organization and Relationship Systems Coach through the Center for Right Relationship, and an Interpersonal Dynamics Facilitator through IDFT Program at Stanford.

While I am happy to support you with my own expertise, I actively engage in the work and my own personal and professional development.  I regularly participate in ongoing training and consultation and personal growth.  

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