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Queer Couples Counseling & Sex Therapy

North Berkeley Couples Therapy Center celebrates & respects diversity. All of our clinicians are LGBTQ+ sensitive and/or identify as such. We also support kink, poly, and other non-traditional relationship configurations. Our therapists are also trauma informed in their work.


East Bay Couples & Sex Therapy

for gay, lesbian, bi, trans, queer and gender Binary, Gender Queer & Gender expansive folks (LGBTQQIP2sAA).

North Berkeley Couples Therapy Center celebrates Gender and Sexual Diversity and all of our clinicians are LGBTQ+ sensitive and/or identify as such. We support sexual and gender diversity, Kink, Poly, and other non-traditional relationship configurations. Our East Bay Sex Therapists, Couples Counselors & Individual Queer & LGBTQ+ psychotherapists understand the unique needs of marginalized communities, such as sexual and gender minorities. 

San Francisco East Bay Queer LGBTQ Sex Therapy and Couples Therapy Individual LGBTQ Queer psychotherapy

East Bay LGBTQ+ Queer 


North Berkeley Couples Therapy Center provides San Francisco East Bay LGBTQQIP2SAA & Gender Expansive folks with sex positive, poly-savvy and kink friendly psychotherapy services.


 Our East Bay sex therapists, couples counselors and psychologists are specifically trained in working with the emotional & mental health issues that impact the LGBTQQIP2SAA community. Our highly specialized and skilled therapists have experience working with LGBTQQIP2SAA & Gender Expansive folks of all ages and stages of their personal development. We support LGBTQQIP2SAA POC youth in their unique developmental needs. Our East Bay LGBTQ Queer therapists also have extensive experience in working with LGBTQQIP2SAA couples & individuals in navigating relational issues pertaining to attachment needs, sexuality and gender, and relationship contracts and boundaries, such as those found in polyamorous and BDSM relationships.

Most of our East Bay sex and couples therapists are LGBTQ+ identified, POC or part of other marginalized communities and have first-hand experience and a lived understanding of the emotional, psychological and practical ramifications of dealing with oppression, adversity, discrimination, prejudice, personal bias, social injustice & invisibility, The rest of our staff our allies and have extensive training in diversity sensitivity as it pertains to the therapeutic relationship.

 LGBTQQIP2SAA folks may benefit from individual Psychotherapy, couples and/or sex therapy regarding the following issues:

  • Sexual and gender minority needs
  • Sexual expression and communication
  • Coming out
  • Relationship Issues & Conflicts
  • Gender Identity needs
  • Oppression & Discrimination
  • Navigating stages of sexual & gender identity development
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Depression & mood disorders
  • Homophobia (external and/or internalized)
  • Sadness or Disconnection from self or others
  • Burnout and stress from social activism work
  • Family & Early Life attachment wounds
  • Navigating Polyamorous/Open relationships
  • Consensual BDSM relationships & play
  • Loss of sexual and/or emotional connection
  • Healing from Loss/ Grief work
  • Infidelity
  • Emotional, physical and sexual trauma
  • healing from hate crimes
  • Building Skills & Self-esteem
  • Deciding whether or not to transition and all the highly personal  choices along the way (hormone therapy, surgery etc)
  • Negative impact of social or familial stigma
  • Impact on romantic and sexual partner(s) when coming out or deciding to transition
  • Co-dependancy
  • Communication Skills
  • Help with mindfulness & self-care practices
  • Living in a binary heterosexist society (and maybe family)
  • Depression, anxiety and other emotional and psychological responses to chronic adversity, oppression and social injustice

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