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Premarital Counseling can help you learn how to discuss and navigate important issues related to communication styles, intimacy, sex, money, children, values and other deeply personal topics.

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Premarital attachment-based counseling can help you prepare for the happily partnered life you desire.

East Bay Premarital Counseling

The North Berkeley Couples Therapy Center helps partners from all over the San Francisco Bay Area via our specialized therapy program in pre-marital counseling.  Our premarital therapy is designed in a six-session format to help you prepare for your wedded life together in your marriage or as a formally committed couple. Our highly trained marriage and premarital counselors will assist you in exploring and addressing your main areas of concern before the big day.

While it is easy to get caught up in preparing for one of the most important days of your life, it is vital to also lay down a strong foundation of communication, trust and intimacy to cultivate a sustainable and healthy marriage. We know that ultimately you want your marriage to be even more wonderful than your wedding day. 

Our Premarital Therapy Program & Private Premarital Intensives consist of empathic support via structured discussions, practice exercises and bonding techniques.  The six to eight hours you spend in your Premarital Counseling Program will allow you to deepen intimacy while utilizing techniques to cultivate responsive listening, conflict management skills, and negotiation/boundaries tools to ensure you enter your marriage . 

Of course everyone enters into marriage filled with hope and a strong desire to make the relationship a healthy, happy and lasting success.  The unfortunate news is that  between 40-50% of marriages end in divorce; this is largely due to the couples not being armed with the tools that it takes to make a relationship work...The tools needed for a healthy and lasting relationship consist of communication  skills, trust and validation techniques. Couples are often not prepared to handle conflicts and struggles that may arise later in the relationship without establishing a solid foundation of relationship skills and tools.

It is typical for the majority of newly weds to have some challenges in adjusting to each others'  personality differences or family of origin dynamics.  Communication and relationship skills are not often modeled in society and must be learned through supportive experiences such as pre-marital and marriage counseling.  Couples Therapy can assist partners navigate the logistics of parenting, managing money and long-term goals personal and professional goals.

At The North Berkeley Couples Therapy Center, we have identified the skill set that engaged couples and newly weds must have in order to cultivate a successful and healthy marriage.   In our work together, you will learn the skills necessary to make your marriage last.  Through the process of premarital therapy, you and your fiancé will develop intimacy, trust and deeper appreciation of one another and will be well on your way to success! 

San Francisco Oakland Berkeley Marin Premarital Counseling Program

We support equal rights.

All partnerships can benefit from our deepening commitment program. Our pre-longterm commitment ("premarital") program is also welcoming of partners that are entering into a serious commitment even if legal marriage is not a factor, for whatever reason. We support diversity in terms of gender, sexuality, religion, polyamory, kink and other nontraditional relationship configurations.

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