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Attachment-Based East Bay Perinatal, Postnatal and Parenting Counseling can help you with this important life change. 

Becoming a parent changes everything.

With it comes a roller coaster of emotions.... elation, love, exhaustion, overwhelm and stress.  We can support you in your parenting journey, while supporting you in your partnership. 

Berkeley Perinatal, Pregnancy & Attachment Parenting Psychotherapy

We Understand.

"As a trained doula, mother and psychologist skilled in attachment therapy, I am uniquely qualified to help parents navigate pregnancy and parenting issues."

-North Berkeley Therapist

Children are our second chance to have a great parent-child relationship.
— Laura Schlessinger

Perinatal Psychotherapy concentrates an array of concerns that arise in a person’s childbearing years. It is a holistic therapy approach for mothers, fathers, co-parents, expecting parents, and anyone considering parenthood. Couples Counseling or Individual Psychotherapy with a perinatal & parenting focus can help you to address these issues and gain a deeper connection to yourself and your current or future family needs. 

Perhaps you have asked yourself some of these parenting and pregnancy questions or are struggling with these issues:

-Do I really want to become a parent? 

-I want to have a child, but my partner doesn't know if he/she wants to.

-Am I ready to be a mother / father?

-I worry my own childhood trauma will influence my own parenting style.

-How do I make the life-altering decision of whether or not to become a parent? 

-Should I wait to have a child until after my career is established?

-We are struggling with infertility issues.

-Miscarriage and Termination

-I had an abortion when I was younger and find I am now grieving.

-Emotional and Psychological Wellbeing during and after Pregnancy 

-Postpartum anxiety, depression, and grief.

-Early parenting issues

-Is home birth for me?

-How do I make a birth plan that feels right for me even when my parents, in-laws, friends or others are pressuring me to do it another way?

-I am approaching peri-menopause. I feel my biological clock ticking but I still don't think parenting is for me...and I fear people won't understand.

-Dealing with past sexual trauma during pregnancy and birth and subsequent parenting.

-Navigating the emotions and logistics of having a premie.

-Parental partnership stress of having a newborn in the NICU or with special needs.

-Attachment & Mindful Parenting from a Compassionate Non-Punishment lens (for both parent & child).

-Adoption Issues

-Helping an older sibling adjust to being an older brother or sister

-LGBTQ Parenting and Pregnancy Issues

-Co-parenting issues 

-Self-care in the midst of being a new mother or father.


Our East Bay Attachment-Based Perinatal and Parenting Psychotherapy can help parents build the secure and loving relationships they want with their children and partners.  parenting psychotherapy and child play therapy can help families deepen connection and health. 

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