Healing from Childhood Abuse & Trauma


Healing is Possible.

Healing from childhood abuse is not easy, but with the support of a sensitive and skilled therapist, it is possible.

I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.
— Carl Jung

In treating trauma resulting from childhood abuse, a holistic integrated approach utilizing attachment and somatic based therapies such as Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychodynamic (AEDP), Somatic Experiencing (SE), Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and Clinical Hypnotherapy, such as Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) have been successful in treating trauma from childhood abuse in survivors of all ages.  It is never too late to heal your childhood trauma; you can have a full and present adult life, free from the past wounds that have haunted you in a variety of ways- perhaps you have experienced difficulty in relationships, anxiety, intrusive memories, or phobias.  You will never forget, but through a uniquely tailored and collaborative psychotherapy relationship, your recovery process can bring transformation and depth healing.

In the United States a heart wrenching 3 million cases of child abuse are reported each year.  And there are likely many more instances of unreported abuse.  Without proper treatment and care, survivors often experience severe and lasting psychological and sometimes physical consequences of the abuse.

The repercussions of childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse are devastating to the survivor.  A large body of research demonstrates the severe consequences and pervasive trauma a child abuse survivor faces.  These consequences pervade all aspects of her life, as she endures the multitude of serious and long-lasting sequelae such as potential PTSD, depression, anxiety, vulnerability to recurrent sexual victimization, substance use, and chronic physical and mental health problems (Astin et al. 1993; Astin et al. 1995; Bergman et al. 1987; Campbell et al. 1995; Cascardi & O' Leary, 1992; Cascardi et al. 1995; Gleason, 1993; Jaffe et al. 1986; Kemp et al. 1991; Kernic et al. 2000; Kernic et al. 2003; Kilpatrick & Acierno, 2003; Koss et al. 2003; McCauley et al. 1995; Orava et al. 1996; Plichta & Weisman, 1995; Saunders, 1994)*. 

Fortunately, in the last twenty years, researchers have made major advances in developing highly effective means of treating adult survivors of childhood abuse.  Among the most helpful of these treatments are Somatic Experiencing, AEDP and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) because they process trauma in the body to help bring the client back into the present.

At North Berkeley Couples Therapy Center, our psychotherapists, psychologists and counselors are highly trained in these modalities, helping many survivors to process their early trauma and cultivate fulfilling adult relationships.  You can find peace of mind and we would be honored to support in your journey.

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