How Professional Relationship Counseling Can Help

Getting support from a professional couples and marriage counselor is now a widely accepted (and highly successful) strategy for longevity and satisfaction in one’s relationship. Couples young and old, newly dating and those married for decades are now receiving professional help in healing hurts and creating trust, intimacy and connection. Couples therapy with a skilled professional helps partners thrive in healthy and happy relationships.

In previous decades, marriage or couples counseling was viewed as a last ditch effort to save a failing long standing marriage.  It was largely stigmatized and those attending relationship therapy often kept it secret from their family and friends.  Fortunately, it is common to see people seeking couples therapy as a means to improve communication, heighten self-awareness and deepen love and intimacy. Even couples in their twenties are recognizing the long-term benefits professional relationship counseling can offer. Having a fulfilling primary relationship with one’s partner is vital to enhancing quality of life, emotional and physical health and overall wellbeing.

 Many couples enroll in therapy simply to further their understanding of what commitment and marriage means to them.  Others view marital counseling as a means to strengthen an otherwise healthy relationship and enrich it with the tools to make it last. Getting expert guidance can speed up a couple’s growth and lay a strong foundation for success.

Relationship therapy acts as a supportive and safe place to discuss and unpack challenging issues. Seeking professional counseling provides couples with a structured environment for transformative growth to occur. At North Berkeley Couples Therapy Center, we carefully select only highly trained marriage and couples counselors so that you get the relationship help that you need. All of our therapists have received post-graduate and advanced training in couples therapy modalities, so you can rest assured that your relationship will be in good hands. Call or email us today to set up a free phone consultation and we will match you with a couples therapist who can best support your specific needs. 

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