East Bay Sex Therapist on how to have better sex

Especially in intimate partnerships, in which each person's needs are always in flux, it is important to have an ongoing and effective flow of communication. This is particularly important in the context of intimate and satisfying sex.

A healthy and gratifying sex life is created from a combination of safety, intimacy, trust, openness, communication and even humor and playfulness.  It also means you need to know what you enjoy and be able to communicate your needs and wants.  While the topic of sex can be uncomfortable or scary for some people, it is vital to your health and the health of your relationships to tend to your sexuality and intimacy needs.  With the hectic pace of modern life it may seem easy to neglect your sex life, but the cost is significant.  An unsatisfying sex life contributes to depression, loneliness and stress.  Whether alone or with another, sex boosts energy, relieves tension, releases endorphins and elevates mood.  Pretty good stuff!

Seriously, do you really want to spend a lifetime of "faking it" or feeling disconnected from your own body? Disconnected from your partner? Not knowing how to orgasm? Staring at the ceiling during sex? Thinking about your grocery shopping list? Needing alcohol to "loosen up"? or just avoiding sex altogether?  

Or perhaps you need support around sexual trauma.  Sexual trauma profoundly impacts both the survivor and their partner.  Fortunately, this is one of our areas of expertise and we have helped many individuals and couples navigate and process this delicate issue. There is hope and healing is absolutely possible.

This journey takes courage and curiosity but with it also comes pleasure, insight and satisfaction. You can deepen attachment and intimacy while having more satisfying sex.

We are here to help you have the sex life you have always wanted.  You can build confidence, feel good in your own skin, have higher self-esteem, relieve stress, deepen intimacy, heal trauma and truly value pleasure in your life (and in the life of your current or future partner(s).

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