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Amber Schevon, LMFT

San Francisco Bay Area Couples Therapist

Hello! My name is Amber Schevon, MFT and I work in Berkeley providing Individuals and Couples Therapy; I utilize Gestalt therapy, Emotionally Focussed Therapy, Imago Relationship Therapy, Parenting Support and Mindfulness practices with my psychotherapy clients.  

 I run mindfulness groups for new and second time mothers, and teach mindfulness to children in schools.  I specialize in working with couples who have had children together and are looking to reconnect with self and partner in a more intimate and meaningful way.  I also help couples navigate open relationships and co-parenting relationships.  For individuals, I help clients struggling with anxiety find more ease and confidence in their relationships to themselves, others and their environment.  I also have great success working with clients new or resistant to therapy. 

My San Francisco East Bay Couples Therapy Success Story

I was able to help a couple who had been struggling with a lack of emotional and sexual intimacy for years after their children were born. By the time they came into see me, it was clear that loving, supportive interactions had been replaced with feelings of frustration and contempt toward one another.  As they learned to identify their underlying needs that were not being met, and started communicating those needs in a more non-defensive and loving way, they were able to open their hearts to one another and begin reconnecting.  It was inspiring to see how dedicated they both were to continue to build on this foundation and we were able to focus on enhancing their already improved experience by focusing on their sexual intimacy. Because they had felt the progress early in therapy, they dove into using the same open, honest, and loving communication around their sexual needs.  I can recall their first session when they were sitting on opposite ends of the couch, barely looking at one another.  By the end of their time in therapy, they were holding hands, sitting close to one another with the giddy energy of two people in love.  Really wonderful!

My San Francisco Bay Area Individual Therapy Success Story

An individual client of mine had came in struggling with anxiety and depression.  She had challenges connecting with her peers due to self judgement and lack of confidence.  We worked on identifying her negative self talk, used mindfulness and gestalt techniques to observe and notice these underlying beliefs while working on non attachment to them.  Through identifying her inner resources of a strong intuition, building on trusting herself and using art (which was her passion) to process some of her experiences.  She began to flourish and made some deep meaningful relationships.  Her confidence increased immensely and she even pursued her dream of going to art school in which she received a full ride scholarship to a very competitive program.  This is something she explained as always dreaming about previously, but never had the confidence to think it was possible.  This client was one of my best memories of seeing someone's core self emerge and shine!

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