Meet SF East Bay Child Therapist, Danielle Goldman, MFT

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Danielle Goldman, MFT

Meet our Talented East Bay Child Therapy Expert specializing in Drama & Play Therapy

My name is Danielle Goldman, MFT. I work exclusively as a child psychotherapist. My office is in Oakland, CA on College Avenue.

My passion is empowering children to master their emotional lives in a warm, safe, and dynamic environment.

I am a licensed Child Psychotherapist who has worked for over 8 years in helping school-aged children (Ages 5-12) with a wide variety of emotional difficulties, including trauma, bereavement, and social difficulties. In a warm, safe, and dynamic environment, I support children in mastering their feelings, coping with life challenges, and leading a more balanced life.

My ideal client is a child between 5-12 who is dealing with anxiety, trauma, bullying, divorce, school issues and I have had great success helping kids heal from these types of traumas and stressors.


One of my Favorite Success Stories:

I have specialty training in Drama Therapy and play therapy and I used these skills to help a young mute child client (which came on after a family trauma). We used play and drama therapy to allow her to express herself and process her feelings while respecting her need to remain silent. After just a few months of child therapy, she was thriving in school and found her voice again. It was beautiful to witness and be a part of facilitating.
-Danielle Goldman, MFT, SF East Bay Child Play Therapist
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